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We had heard of Lyndsay Morgan, author of the book 'Baby on board - Mum is driving!' via friends who raved about the routines and no-frills, honest, experienced advice in her book. When I fell pregnant with a late fifth child we decided to give Lyndsay's ideas a go...after four babies and ten years of broken nights we were very keen to avoid the long and arduous road we had travelled following my sleep-deprived maternal compass! Turned out, it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Baby No.5 arrived and from six weeks of age we began to follow Lyndsay's methods. Seven weeks was the last time we had a broken night and that was seven months ago and counting. Not only do we have a settled, routined baby we have a delightful wee man who is happy and content, thriving and loved. Lyndsay's book was a game-changer.

As a recent post-graduate we decided that I would return to work this time and that we would organise home-based care. Our stars aligned as Lyndsay Morgan miraculously freed up after back to back in-house appointments as a Karitane Nurse. She entered a busy home, with five children aged 12- 0 years. Nothing was any problem. She applied her Karitane holistic care philosophy to our entire family, with a focus on the health, well-being and routine of the baby. She navigated him into sound sleep patterns and eating habits, as well as gently exposing him to the world around him. She catered to the daily routines of our school-aged children, and worked out ways the baby's schedule could mesh seamlessly with their pick-ups and care. She used all of her book's wisdom and her 50 years experience as a Karitane practitioner and Mother. Our home is settled, our home is routined, our home is content. Our home is all the things she developed in our baby.

To anyone pregnant, to anyone who cares about anyone pregnant, to anyone with a young baby - buy. this. book.

Thank you Lyndsay - you are a Karitane Angel and a fount of wisdom. We have seen you practice what you preach in your book, in our home. Your advice really does work!


I was gifted the "Baby on Board Mum is Driving" book during my pregnancy and it was the perfect tool to prepare me for what was to come. Lyndsay's book gave me the confidence to follow my maternal instincts but gave me strategies to use right from the get go. In return I have a very happy and content 3 and a half month old baby girl who has been sleeping 10 to 12 hours through the night since 9 weeks old! Her ability to self settle is truly the greatest achievement thus far as a parent and has made our job parenting so much easier! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone expecting or needed a little advice, it is all you need!


We were lucky enough to be given Lyndsay’s book ‘Baby on Board – Mum is Driving’ when I found out I was pregnant. We both read it before he was born, and again once he was here. It was so helpful and guided us into setting a really good daily routine. We stuck to what we initially discussed before reading the book and truely thank Lyndsay for her advice.

He was breast fed, but we still gave him a bottle from an early age (which he would take from anyone). We swaddled him, had him in a routine from an early age, and never removed him from his bedroon once it was bed-time and he is now an amazing sleeper.

Now with No. 2 on the way, I will certainly be re-reading the book to refresh my memory

Thank-you Lyndsay.


Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank-you from myself, Oscar and my family. The help you provided has changed many lives and put smiles on many faces throughout my friends and family!!  Oscar feeds every day at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm and sleeps in between after a play etc.  I cannot believe it, he is like a totally different baby.  Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!!

  Please feel free to use the following:

  Lindsay Morgan is a god send! I was on the brink of losing the plot.  Oscar is 3 months old and has never been a sleeper.  He would wake at 9am and not go down til 9pm.  Then wake 2 or 3 times during the night.  This is hard for the average mum let alone a mum doing it on her own.  I was so incredibly tired and had no time what so ever to myself.  I had tried everything like black out curtains, dummies, sleep suits, sleep wedges, white noise, music from my i pod, mobiles, soft lights, Mozart music etc.  And I even spent $55 on a shusher!!!  I tried sleeping him in bassinet, the cot, my bed, the couch, the pram, the bouncer, the capsule......and he would not sleep.  He would feed randomly throughout the day which meant I could never plan anything.  He would feed for 20 minutes on each boob and would only go to sleep at 9pm after he feel asleep on my boob and I very quietly would place him in his cot!

I heard about Lindsay through a friend and thought I would give her a go.  I went to her seminars and also had her visit my home for some one on one help.  The knowledge she has is amazing and she is more than happy to share this with you for your benefit.  Her experience, tips and tricks will change your life.  I can say this because she helped change mine and Oscar's.  She truly is an angel.

I now have a baby that has never slept so much in his life.  He feeds better, sleeps better, has a routine and I can now have a life too.  It is absolutely amazing.  And for that, I cannot express enough how grateful I am.  I just pray that Lindsay has some idea as to how amazing she is.

Anna and Oscar Bird

Your book completely transformed our prospective in the first few weeks of having our first child. Prior to giving birth you naturally hold so many questions, concerns, worries, and insights into what will be. Christiaan and I had a fabulous pregnancy, travelling Europe for the most part as well as Australia and South Africa. We arrived in New Zealand when I was 8 months pregnant. We had travelled 26 countries in the last 8 months....so a big big journey. Once we settled all we had to focus on was the impending birth. I was given Lyndsay’s book as a gift.

  My first thoughts were...wow what a compact little book ! Here I was surrounded by overly large pregnancy books that I had purchased in London, which I still hadn't read! I opened it up and read the whole thing within an hour....and in that short little hour Chris and I received the best tips we could of ever of asked for..

  Lyndsay focuses a lot on 'the rules' and sticking to them...we re read these rules over and over and we stuck to them.

  Lyndsay also mentions the daunting prospects of bringing your tiny bundle of joy home...and what's to be expected. To relax and enjoy these first few weeks. Forget about malls, shopping and coffee dates...all this will come in time. For now enjoy these very special moments with your beautiful baby. I did exactly this, in-fact I didn't go out for the first 8 weeks. I did however do little walking trips to the dairy and back and Harriet's first experience in a pram.

  Lyndsay emphasises routines and once your baby is full of milk and has a clean nappy you put them down when it's nap time...ideally in there own room. The closing of the door is one tip that works. My child now knows once she hears the click that mummy and daddy have gone and it's now sleepy time. Yes it's hard especially when initially they are so young and crying for you. Countless times Chris and I found ourselves pawing at the door...about to open it to see what's wrong. But give it a few days...and voila. Our baby completely understood nap time is nap time.

  This little book is such a special little book. We will definitely return to it for our second child. Lyndsay’s no nonsense straightforward approach is so refreshing. I promise I have never once opened up any of the London books I purchased simply because they are just far too big! You can fit this book in your handbag and read wherever you are.

  We highly highly recommend it and have no hesitation in buying the sequel...(if we are lucky enough for Lyndsay to write another)

Chris, Lauren and Harriet Joy Payne


Gosh what you have done for me and my family is absolutely amazing and we are truly grateful thank you thank you!

Here is my story: After a long birth in hospital and heading home feeling exhausted and excited yet nervous with my husband and a newborn we weren't really sure what was in store for us. After spending two days of 12 hours each of our baby not sleeping and historically crying the feeling of worthlessness was an understatement. Even the strong relationship with my husband was trialled as we continued to try everything our midwife had texted through and still failed every attempt to get him to sleep.

Then the phone rang and it was Lyndsay (my mother in law had secretly called her). When she told me she was going to come over and help I became overwhelmed with relief and tried to hold back tears on the phone ( although many had been cried already). Lyndsay came over the following day and spend time with us explaining how a routine works and I felt human again and my confidence built again and was ready to tackle my newborn.

As a teacher I love routines and not being able to control my baby sleeping patterns and feeding was torture. Right away Lyndsay advised me on feeding times, self settling techniques and how to bath him. Straight away I began being the boss and he fed and slept when I wanted and when he should without any tears. He would lie in his bed and happily drift off to sleep. This made a world of difference as before I had tried everything from rocking, singing, feeding continuously till my nipples were raw, pram rides, a dummy and even sleeping with me. I now can know when he feeds and sleeps and I can have a life around these hours not wait till he sleeps and  then wakes on his whim. I definitely can recommend Lyndsay to any new mum or mum that has problems with their child and sleeping as she has been amazing for us.

The amount of support we have throughout our pregnancy and the actual birth is fantastic, but what do you do when you get home?? This is the problem I was faced with and I'm sure many others. Thank you Lyndsay for helping us when We were such in need.

Chelsea, Travis and Knox Power

I loved the book and it was a real help for me as a very green mother!!   Day 4 (first few days was a blur!) when we arrived home we started the feed, activity, sleep routine and did our best not to feed to sleep.    He is nearly 12weeks old, will go to bed about 9pm wake up between 7-7.30 and only wake up once around 3-4am for a feed, about 2 nights a week he will sleep through the night.    We did however give him a dummy when he was about 10 days old!! But it is only used in his bedroom and he spits it just as he is falling asleep or we pull it out when he is nearly asleep and he is (normally find with it and doesn’t wake up).  We were struggling to get him to settle during the day.    Recently during the day he has started waking up after 45min but I do my best to re settle him and don’t bring him out of his room until we are close to feed time which is around 3 hours, sometimes close to 4 hours if he is in a good day sleep.  Hopefully this will pass!   My husband also read and enjoyed your book it was short and straight to the point, no waffle!!   It was such a great help so thank you

Ashleigh Hamilton - Manager, Ike Pero Waikato

Hi lyndsay, Your book was brilliant - we are first time parents and found the book to be simple to follow and great for parenting basics.

Our baby has been in her own room from day one and loves her sleep.

Thanks to your guidelines & tips.

Alicia & Kent Dalziell

Tauranga Plunket recommended Lyndsay. She was the answer to our preyers and within days her strict routine changed all our lives. Her knowledge of the care of babies is amazing.

Brenda - Grandmother to 2 month old twin grandsons

I highly recommend Lynday's Book. Don't let it out of your sight - read it once, read it twice and read it again because you will need her calm, reassuring advice on a daily basis till you settle into your new role as a mother

Andrea Malloy - Author & Life Coach

Lyndsay came in and transferred our lives within 24 hours. I wish I had had this book when my darling child was a new-born. I would have especially taken note of the sleeping chapter! As my husband wrote a cheque, he said 'if we had 1 million in the bank we would give it to you!'

Maria - Mother of a non sleeping toddler

With Lyndsay's amazing insight into caring for not only babies but the mother too - she was our life line. She quickly set a routine, assisted in the double feeding of the twins, who slept through the night at 7 weeks!! She potty trained Bridgette, and introduced me to cross stitch, as a diversion to the non-stop daily routine of babies ... I don't know how our family would have managed without her!

Sarah - Mother of twins

Lyndsay came into my life when I needed her the most! The first time I met Lyndsay she was helping my sister, Rebecca, with her new born twins. Lyndsay was her lifeline giving her all the advice she needed regarding sleeping, eating, burping, development and creating general routines. I thought "I need this lady when I have a baby". Sure enough when I had my child a tar later Lyndsay was there to guide me and for this I felt a huge relief.

Mother to Violetta, Mateo and Luka

We used this book as first time parents both before our new baby was due and many times once she was here. This book helped us to set up good routines from day one and also helped with practical hurdles such as bathing and floor time. We thoroughly recommend this book to all new parents as a practical guide to help the transition into parenthood. The routines we set up as such an early age means she is sleeping and feeding well!

Emma & William

I live in New York with no family support and I was desperate. My friend told me to ring Lyndsay and we talked for maybe 40 minutes. She filled me with self belief, told me about 'routine', leaving baby Shawn to self settle and then she offered to send me her book in manuscript form. WOW - everything is going well now and I thank Lyndsay every time I refer to her book.


We were fortunate enough to have Lyndsay with us for our first week home from hospital after giving birth to our twin boys. Lyndsay provided structure and guidance to a couple who were clueless first-time parents of multiples and she immediately implemented a very structured routine. We will be forever grateful for all of Lyndsay's knowledge and insight.

Kady & Adrian


‘Lyndsay offered me her book, filled me with self belief and told me about 'routine' and self settling. WOW - everything is going well and I thank Lyndsay every time I refer to her book. ’



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