Lyndsay Morgan was born in Otaki, on the Kapiti Coast in 1942 - one of twin girls

Lyndsay’s education started at a small country school, Te Horo Primary School, followed by education in Shannon, Levin and three years in St Mary’s Diocesan School in Stratford, Taranaki.

Her infant-care career began in 1959 when she trained at a Karitane Hospital in Wanganui – which at the time was one of five specialist Karitane Hospitals in New Zealand.

She travelled to the United Kingdom by ship in 1963, going through the Panama Canal on her 21st birthday. After a stint in Canberra, Australia, looking after her sister’s first born child, Lyndsay returned to New Zealand to take up employment at Glaxo Laboratories in Palmerston North.

Lyndsay met her husband, Ron, at Glaxo Laboratories and continued to work there. The couple have three children, Huw, Katie and Guy

The family moved to Fiji for three years, where Ron worked as Marketing Manager for Pacific Forum. The family returned to Palmerston North for a further two years before moving to Tauranga 34 years ago.

Never one to take it easy, in the Bay of Plenty, Lyndsay threw herself into community life with voluntary work and school committees, counselling work as a sexual abuse help centre, and also held the position of President, Festival of Tauranga for two years.

During this time Lyndsay also cared for babies, where the Department of Social Welfare allocated her many cases. These mothers of twins needed home help or a full-time Karitane nurse for 3 months..

Lyndsay says that most of these mothers chose a Karitane nurse and she is still great friends with many of these mothers many years later.

In 2000, Lyndsay and Ron went to the United Kingdom to work and travel. They lived in Alton, Hampshire and a highlight was travelling through Europe on Bus-About, along with many backpackers.

In 2005 the couple renovated a home in Welcome Bay, Tauranga with stunning views of Tauranga's estuary and Mount Maunganui's landmark feature, Mauao..

Sadly during 2008, Ron developed an aggressive cancer and died within months of its diagnosis.

In 2013, Lyndsay started a retail job at Mount Maunganui and finished writing her book, which she says, "had been in the pipeline for many years!".

Lyndsay now looks forward to writing the follow-up book to Baby on Board - Mother is Driving and fulfilling her dream of publishing other already written works.

‘So many parents hold their newborn baby in their arms and wish there was a little book of instructions! Well now there is ...'



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