My top tips on being a good mother

Being a mother
April 9, 2015
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April 14, 2015
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My top tips on being a good mother


Pat yourself on the back!

To begin with, give yourself a BIG pat on the back – go on – just do it!! Being a mother is the most demanding job EVER. I helped a 2nd time around mother start on the path to self settling her 7 weeks old baby and she said just that.

Care for yourself

You must care for yourself - what happens if you don't? This means you must find time for a rest every day for the first month at least. When your baby has had a good feed, you have burped him, swaddled him and let him self settle, now it’s your turn - go off and put your feet up. Txt friends and family that you are going for a rest – so ‘don’t disturb’ You will no doubt have a sleep – but don’t worry – you will hear your baby when he wakes.

Eat well!

Eat well – stay healthy. This also ensures that your baby is doing the same if he is breast fed! Start with a good breakfast, sitting down at the table. Three healthy meals a day and snack on fruit and raw vegetables. Have a small container of the raw vegetables already prepared in the fridge. Drink heaps of water.


Now, the next tip is something that, once in place, will be part of your life a s a mother for many years to come. Routine, routine, routine. Head down, follow the rules as set out in my book ‘Baby on Board – Mum is Driving’ – page 9. For you and your baby a routine is so important and is the cornerstone of being a good mum.

Accept any help.

Accept any help that your family and friends offer and get your husband/partner involved too. Dads CAN burp the baby – Dads CAN change a nappy – Dads can bath the baby – Dads can swaddle the baby and tuck him down.

You are the boss.

As a mum – you are the boss – not the baby. Become a great mum and set the rules from early on. Cuddle, him – talk to him – tell him you love him to bits – but you are the boss!

Being a good mum deserves rewards. Do something just for you every day. Your choice but it is for YOU. 

When life settles down a bit – and you feel like a BIG treat – just do it.

Dinner out with your partner – a spa – a massage – a new hair colour – whatever it is. Get family involved because you’ll do this without the baby. He is safe with a trusted family member or friend (if he is breast fed – leave a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge with instructions – and a bottle of formula for those treasured babies who for some reason cannot be breast-fed)  and you’ll be a better mum for the ‘time out’ With some planning and support it will happen.

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