January 9, 2017
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A recent study published in the NZ Herald on March 8 2017 and carried out by scientists at the University of Otago, discovered that if a baby is taught to self-settle, it has a much lesser chance of becoming obese than one who does not learn.

You, the mother, is that teacher.

You don't need any expensive device marketed as something magic that will encourage your baby to go to sleep. Save your money but ask yourself these two questions:

1. Do I want a baby who will have a little cry and then go to sleep or
2. Do I want a baby who will not self settle because I continue to pick him up when he cries?
3. If you ticked 2 what follows is all the information you need to change
4. Your answer to option 1.
5. If you have read my book and followed my blogs, you will know that I
6. am an absolute believer in teaching your baby to self settle. This means,
7. from birth, you feed, burp, check the nappy, wrap FIRMLY, give a cuddle
8. and a kiss, then tuck him down in his own bed, preferably in his own room, turn
9. and leave. Don't prolong this part of the process. Pull the door to as you go.
10. Now – don't hang about outside the door to listen to his protesting cry but
11. go off and have a shower, or make a cuppa, go outside and walk around the
12. garden but don't go back to the nursery door to listen!!
13. He might have surprised you and gone off to sleep. If you start this process> 14. right from birth, he'll nod off very quickly. If you are starting this process 15. when he is 2/3/4/5/6 months he will take a bit longer – but it will happen if
16. you continue with this process – don't stop and give in.
17. This is not fair to you or your baby. He is being taught to self settle and
18. when he does you will be happiest mother and he will be a much happier
19. baby.
20. You CAN do this – it has been done hundreds of times before!!

Hopefully, you've got my book and you can follow this self settling programme starting on page 22.

In an article published in NZ Herald in May of last year, under the heading'Babies DO sleep better if you leave them to cry' the Associate Professor reporting on this subject said 'Parents will worry about having their babies cry at bedtime, but it is well documented that sleep deprivation (of parents)can cause maternal depression.

No sign of stress levels in babies saliva showed the stress hormone cortisol had risen.

In fact, it had fallen slightly.

No emotional or behavioural problems or attachment issues arose at follow-up checks a year later.

So – make a life changing decision and teach your baby to self settle.

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Lyndsay Morgan
Empowering Parents to Raise Fabulous Little People

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