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April 9, 2015
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My book has been launched!

Wow!  Here it is - my first Blog. Must be a similar feeling, no doubt, to the arrival of a new baby!

I went on-line - just googled 'write a blog' - but it left a few unanswered questions.  Maybe that is what happens if a new mum does a similar thing. They just google' new baby - what next' and also get the same feeling - a lot of unanswered questions.

So .... now with the launch of my book 'Baby on Board - Mum is driving' those unanswered questions will be taken care of with some positive guidelines and real life affirmations.

My book launch was incredible and nothing could prepare me for this experience. At long last my book was real. A beautiful production - just like a new baby - well, maybe with a baby it takes day two or three for the beauty to shine, but my book shone on day one. !!

At long last my book was real. A beautiful production - just like a new baby!
A shiny cover which brought to life my illustrator Emmas' brilliant art-work which everyone is talking about.

What was amazing was to have many of the mothers present, whose baby's I had cared for and settled into routines - sleep - feeding - daily bath-time, and time on the floor. But - besides caring for the baby, I made sure during those early days following the birth, that the mother had time to be a special person with needs of her own.

Those mum's - and in one instance a Grandmother, were more than happy to stand up and sing my praises and emphasise how important a routine is, how important it is to let the baby have a cry when put to sleep, how important a daily bath is and how important it is to do something each day just for themselves.

My book is launched - and now it's marketing time - another new experience. Life is full of them - embrace the day.

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