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Lyndsay Morgan’s Top Baby Tips…

Top Tip No 4. - Teach your baby to self settle
Yes. You, as a parent become a teacher! By sticking to the rules – on page 9 of my book – 'Baby on Board – Mum is Driving' you will see these words written in bold print across the page! To self settle means that after feeding, burping, time for a cuddle and a kiss, your baby is firmly wrapped and put down in his own bed, tucked in and left to self settle. It WILL happen and what a wonderful part of being a mother is a baby, who in a week or so will do just that. It becomes part of his daily routine.

Top Tip No 3. - Swaddle you baby
Your baby will feel comletely secure when firmly swaddled each time you tuck him down in his own bed. There are some wonderful products available but you do not need to rush out and buy a supply. On page 17 of my book 'Baby on Board – Mum is Driving' there is a step-by-step set of instructions to show you how to wrap your baby – FIRMLY !! That is necessary so that your darling little one will not get his hands out and then wake hnimself up.

Top Tip No 2. - Feed your baby well!
Once your milk supply has been established – this will take 4/5/6/7 days following the birth – it is important that your precious baby has a full belly after each feed.

Why? With a full belly and a few burps, he will be more likely to settle quickly, sleep well and not wake in 30 minutes or so wanting another feed.

At the very early stages of establishing a great milk supply your new baby may not have a enough milk to satisfy him for a decent sleep period. You may be putting him to the breast each time he cries and there is still not enough milk at this stage to ensure his belly is full.

There is nothing more disturbing for a new mum than to hear her baby cry, try to soothe and settle him and not succeeding. Your nipples will quickly become sore – and after a few days of this they may bleed. Yes – I have seen this happen. You need to keep your nipples supple with a good Vitamin cream. Talk to your Pharmacist.

On page 42 of 'Baby on Board - Mum is Driving' you will learn how to cope with this stage of establishing your milk supply. It's called a 'top up' A small amount of formula to ensure your baby has a full belly and will settle for a good sleep.

Let me assure you that introducing a teat and formula will not result in something I hear mums say - and that is nipple confusion. There is no such thing. Go to page 68 of my book. Those beautiful twins shared on a daily basis, breast and and bottle. They simply took turns – breast for one and bottle for the other – and at the next feed they swapped!

For more information, see the whole of Chapter 4 of Baby on Board - Mum is Driving! – which is all about Breast Feeding, bottle feeding, food and feeding times.

Or for any quick questions you may have, feel free to contact me direct via my Contact Page on my website or Facebook Page

Top Tip No 1. - Stay at home for the first few weeks!
When you have arrived home from a very short stay at your birthing centre – well, most of you will have experienced this – you are tired and needing not only care for your beautiful new born baby – but also yourself. You have a long haul ahead of sleep deprived nights so you should start this totally new experience by staying at home for the first few weeks!! Yes – that is what I suggest. Whatever for? I hear you say. So here is the answer. For the sake of your baby and you, it is preferable to stay quietly at home and start to settle your baby into a routine that will be the most beneficial part of your life with a baby.

If, when your baby is just days old, you decide to pack up that little bundle and go out and about, your baby will never learn to sleep long sleeps because he is forever being put in and out of car seats, prams, car seats and then again in reverse when you return home.

For more information see my bookBaby on Board - Mum is Driving!. Go to page 13 Chapter 2 and read how to cope with those first few days at home and settling into a routine.

Take care of yourself – rest, eat well and drink plenty of water. You are a very important person!

Lyndsay Morgan
Karitane Nurse


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