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Being a mother

Being a mother. What a statement and one that lasts for life – and you’re it – or on the way to be!

Being a mother is an amazing role when you consider that you are the role model, carer and giver of love and understanding and provider of nourishment to a tiny baby who has just or about to become part of your family.

For this incredibly important role into which you have just stepped, there is no training! Scary, hey!

Everyone is aware, as you are, of am impending birth – a litle then a not so little ‘bump’ with the question – ‘So - is there a baby on the way?’ Very few people ever say ‘Oh – so you’re going to be a mother’.

Immediately after the birth you will feel a huge rush of love – and if that does not happen immediately for all sorts of reasons, don’t worry. You may have had a long birthing period, probably yelling that you are never having another baby - you’re exhausted and overcome with lots of feelings – maybe some tears and through all this some smiles as you are handed this tiny baby and this is beginning of being a mother. Those overwhelming feelings of love and protection. Just let it all happen!

From this moment your life will never be the same again but, again, you are so completely unaware of what is ahead of you short term. Lets forget long term!!

Not only are you the provider of daily nourishment which is immediate, but as your baby develops and grows, it is you he looks to as the principal provider of hugs, smiles ,little chats about anything - these will help determine his personality. As the weeks go by, he will look at you with more and more recognition, as the one who provides these life necessities. A warm place to be, food, smiles and then yes – bed!

Being a mother is not full on hour after hour, because you will set the rules and with a smile, clean nappies, no wind and swaddled, you will put him to bed, telling him that you are his mum, and this is what happens!

Being a mother is exhausting so look after yourself too. Have a little nap when your baby is doing the same – you will be a better mother for it. It’s not until the baby is born, you take this precious bundle home, a few days pass and then k!pow! You are a mother. You begin to make decisions, you feed the baby, you put him to sleep in his own bed. You set in place the beginnings of a routine and you are on the way to being a great mother.

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