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October 16, 2016
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A day with Lyndsay Morgan

A day with Lyndsay Morgan
When you go onto my website www.lyndsaymorgan.co.nz you will see that you can purchase some of my experience – and therefore time with me in your home with a new, or not so new baby.

Maybe you have a toddler as well! I know what it is like with a new baby – and as a mum with three children under three and as a Karitane Nurse I knew what the word 'routine' was all about!

Anyway, back to that opportunity I offer you.

A day/or day and night/or whatever you need to get over any challenges that have cropped up.

Sometimes it is preferable to have a complete stranger come in and help guide you through as I am not close on an emotional level.

So – here is how a day may unfold when I arrive. I like to knock on your door at around 8.30am – 9am so that I get to see how your day unfolds.

We will talk a lot! You will start by telling me how things are with your new baby – or maybe a baby who is weeks/months old. I like to see how the baby feeds, and maybe there are feeding problems.

At this stage I am always happy to hang out the washing on a fine day!

I ask lots of questions and you will answer and as this Q & A goes on, a clear picture will emerge as to how I can help you.

I like to see how the baby settles – or maybe the baby does not settle. In many cases, a baby who does not self settle needs to be taught and with another person in your home to support you through any problems, it is so much easier than battling on by yourself.

I like to see the baby being bathed, or better still – I would just love to bath the baby!

So – when the baby – at whatever age, has settled down for a morning nap, maybe there are more questions.

I am there to help the mum – maybe she needs to go out without the baby, knowing that little person is in good hands. She may need to keep an appointment, do the family shop or just go out and meet a friend for a baby-free coffee!

As the day progresses, there will be some talk about a routine, if that is not already in place. I'm a great believer in routines so I can assist in putting one into place!

I will always ask a mum if she would like to go and have a rest – and not too many mums will turn that offer down!

My day will continue – I always make sure that the mum knows what is going to be served up for dinner and mid morning is the time to prepare something – peel some potatoes, get some meat out of the freezer – make a salad – whatever it may be, so that at 6 pm there is no panic about 'what will we have for dinner’.

My day will end at around 5 pm and hopefully the mum will have had a day that has allowed her to enjoy, maybe feel rested and she'll have had some questions answered.

Go online to my webpage and see what is on offer but together any family member and I can work out a plan so that everyone benefits.

As a Karitane Nurse, this is what we did. Go into the family home for a week or two and help the family adjust to life with a new baby or babies. Yes – I have cared for Quads, triplets and many many sets of twins!

Lyndsay Morgan
Karitane Nurse


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